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Stop Domestic Violence!
by Penny Stafford

This page is dedicated to

Tara Carlson

who lost her life at the hands of her abuser April 19, 1999 and to all of our sisters
that have lost their lives to domestic violence.

  Please! Don't be a statistic!
If he hits you once he will hit you again!
Don't stay!
Don't believe him!
Don't trust him!
It won't get better it only gets worse!
Find a safe place, a trusted friend!
Above all leave!

I Hope This Site Will Help!

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Will I Survive?

I crouch alone in the darkness
Am I small enough yet?
Am I insignificant enough?
Have I become invisible to the rest of the world?
I am Woman
Will I survive?

I tremble in fear
Tears fall from my eyes
Blood runs from my nose
I await his approach-the one who says he loves me
I am Women
How can I survive?

My bones are broken
I lay bleeding
My flesh is bruised, My spirit is torn,
My self esteem and sense of worth has been ripped away
I am Woman
Can I survive?

I cling to my children, my reason to live
Dread fills my soul
I live only in fragments
Blackness closes in-I cry in despair
I am Woman
I must survive!

I hide in the shadows
Running for what is left of my life
Fleeing the ogre
Who calls me his wife?
I am Woman
Shall I survive?

As I sink into oblivion
Kind hands reach out to catch me
The love and support of my sisters surrounds me
I step into the light of day
My arms open wide
I am Woman
I will survive!

~written by Penny

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To Tara, With Love

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Remembering Tara

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I Got Flowers Today

LIVE to enjoy your children!
They are so precious and beautiful.
They are worth living for!!!

This page is intended to be of help to women in danger. If you are in danger or know someone who is, please use any of the following:

*National Domestic Violence Hotline*

1 800 799 SAFE (7233)

TDD: 1 800 787 3224

*Domestic Violence Hotlines & Resources*

Legal Aid for Abused Women

Domestic Violence Notepad

Minnesota FEMICIDE Reports

Domestic Violence Main Menu

Stop Domestic Violence
Against Children!

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My Name Is Sarah

Please share this important message with your friends!
We all can make a difference!

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This Women Against Domestic Violence site
is owned by Penny Stafford.

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Please share this page with your friends!
We all can make a difference!

Penny's Awards

Song for this page was chosen in Tina Turner's honor! She is a true survivor of domestic violence!
Way to go Tina! We love you!!