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Remembering Tara

For as many springtimes as I recall
my eyes have sought that touch
of green in the snow blanket.
My spirit has lifted always
at glimpses of subtle,
fleeting awakenings lilac air,
nodding rainbows of tulips,
sweet faced purple pansies,
spicey yellow and orange marigolds
beside my door.

For as many springtimes as I recall
I've planted and received the joy
of springtime color.
This spring, seeds sit in their packets
on my shelf.
The violets and wildflowers
my mother packed for me
have gone back to the earth,
their dry roots were in.

This spring Tara was murdered.
Flowers got lost, unreal bits of color
unable to replace
the missing glow of blonde,
the radient smile lighting
the shining blue eyes
that would have greeted me that night.
This spring my mind
tried to wrap around evil
and tears often clouded my sight
All I could see was the absence of Tara.

It's summertime now,
Tara is gone.
Yet still within me the spirit
of her joy in life prevails
I will carry that image
into next springtime
into a corner of my garden
where I will plant sweet lovely flowers
in honor of the beauty of Tara.

~written by Wendy

*Tara's Dedication*