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To Tara, With Love

Dedicated By Her Brother Chris Alms

It's been 28 years and not much more
Since that February day when you were born.
Far too short for us to ever believe,
Today would find us gathered here to grieve.

We know the tears we're shedding are not for you,
For though you're gone now from our view,
Your smile is shining in some heavenly place
And God's smiling back at your glowing face.

From the time you were only an infant small
You were a ray of sunshine to us all.
Grandma Audrey said with your golden curls
You were her sunny little angel girl.

And Grandma's girl you surely were
As you tap danced, Smiled and sang for her.
As you grew up you loved to fly
And with the Civil Air Patrol soared into the sky.

Dear Tara, you've left all earthly things
And now, safe with God, you've earned your wings
The crosses you had on earth to bear are
Now replaced by the golden crown you wear.

You married young and life was hard
But two beautiful girls were your reward
Katie and Kayla will sense your love
In gentle guidance from above.

That spirit of love and the friendship you gave
Will not be ended by the grave
But will live on in our hearts and minds
As we remember how very kind

You were to others who'd suffered pain
Who'd lived with abuse and tried again.
You understood the pain they felt
And tried to help with what they were dealt.

You were a good listener and caring friend
Helping other hearts that needed to mend.
Close to your family, your mothers best pal,
Fun loving and cheerful, an upbeat kinda gal.

The love that you brought to our lives will live on
In our hearts, you will never really be gone.
Every laugh that we shared or tear that we cried
Are part of the memories we carry inside.

Our hearts are aching so very much
We miss your smile, your voice, your touch.
Someday we'll hug you once again.
God be with you, our dear Tara, til then.

~written by Karen Gird