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The Poem

The poem you hold in your hands
Is a very special poem.
Not just because it's from me,
But because it says something
I want you to know today,
And that I want you to remember forever...

Within the words of the poem,
I want to say that you are
Incredibly special to me.
You are so important to my days,
And so essential to the smile within me.

That certain space where
Our lives overlap is the place
That brings me the most understanding,
The most peace,
The nicest memories, and a joy
That comes to my heart so constantly.

When you hold this in your hands,
I want you to think of me
Smiling softly at you, and thanking you
For all that you are... to me.

~ To a Very Special Friend ~

Being a good friend
Is really an art,
A wonderful talent
That comes from the heart.

It's knowing the kind thing
To do or to say,
Listening and talking
A problem away.

It's being together
In good times and bad,
And just with a smile
Making each other glad.

It's caring for someone,
And showing it, too,
Thank goodness for good friends,
Friends just like you!