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Champions Are For Ever!

Welcome Aboard Dale JR,
God Bless You!

I don't compete against my dad's fame.
I want to do everything I can to honor him. Part of me always wants to stay under Dad's wing and be overshadowed by him in a way...But there's a part of me that wants to break out and be my own man and get my own respect. ~Dale Jr

Please Pray For Our Soldiers!

Soldiers Prayer

I am only one of many,
With just a simple plea,
Dear Angels of America,
Please look after me.

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Top Notch Info
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Nine Planets

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The Deadliest Storm In The Universe

Aurora Borealis - Aurora Australis

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Dedicated To The "Spirit" Of Native Indians
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Spirit Dreams

I Love This Fantastic Page!
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It Is A Kick!!!

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