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~ Special Friend ~

When friendship blooms like flowers in Spring
and fondness fills your heart...
it's then you come to realize,
that you don't want to part.

The more you get to know someone,
the more you come to see...
the common thread that led you both
to true comraderie.

The colors of the rainbow
against a dark, gray sky
remind you of how friendship sparkles
as the years go by.

The kindred spirit that you share,
the good times that you treasure
become fond mem'ries in your mind and heart,
things you can't measure.

Nothing can take friendship's place
we need it, one and all.
When we are sad or happy,
our best friend is who we call.

In this world of ours,
we all need cheering - this is true.
We need to hear
"My dear, how have you been?" or "I love you."

So if you have a friend you'd known,
who's very dear to you...
treasure them and let them know
they're very special too.

Yes, friendship blossoms like the flowers
and fondness fills my heart,
because I've come to realize,
I don't want us to part.