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~ Six Rose Petals ~

I offer six rose petals.
In hopes that you will see,
My gift of love to you,
And what you mean to me.

Petal number one,
Filled so deep in love,
In hopes it will remind,
You're all I'm thinking of.

Petal number two,
Filled with all that's pure,
In hopes to bring you peace,
From any pain that you endure.

Petal number three,
I offer on one knee,
It's filled with hope and laughter,
With my love that's meant to be.

With petal number four,
Compassion holds the key,
And with it, I want to give you,
That special part of me.

Petal number five,
Enriched with smells of spring,
It offers warmth and guidance,
And the good that life can bring.

Petal number six,
I offer from my heart,
My gift of love to you,
In hopes we never part.

~ Connie E. Perry ~