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Never So Far

Did you ever see a sunset
stretch across the starry skies
and wish those wondrous colors
were reflected in my eyes?

Did you ever wonder about this,
when the night came closing in,
if that same moon you're looking at
was shining on your friend?

Did you ever stop and think,
no matter where you are,
I just might be gazing up
at that self-same star?

Do you know that gentle breeze
that cools your fevered brow,
could be dancing in my hair,
or touching me somehow?

And if I sent a kiss to you,
carried on the wind,
it might reach you, take one too,
and bring it back again.

And if you see a shooting star
across the heavens glide,
my mouth might form an "Oh, how grand!"
as if standing by your side.

So when you close your eyes tonight,
and the darkness does descend,
that same night wraps around me too,
until I wake again.

That morning sunrise that you see,
so glorious and pink,
my eyes are looking at it too,
it makes me stop and think.

No matter what the distance,
it matters not how far,
we can always find each other
in the morning star.