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I have known many different kinds
of people in my life...

I've met men who are sensitive and caring and men who are cruel and calculating. I've known women who are sincere and honest and women who are jealous and hateful.

I've seen smiles filled with lies and tears wet with truths. I've shared time with those who have needed me, and I've been by myself when I was in need.

I've been associated with people who are dreamers but not doers and with people who make promises, but never keep them.

I've found myself learning how to understand all these personalities and to avoid those that cause my life sadness.

My soul yearns for those who still believe in life's truths of honesty of sincerity of compassion and of true friendship.

But most of all, I long to know those few people who really know what love is and how to be a loving person.

I long for a place where people can get together and talk to one another about the things that matter, like being friends and caring about dreams that we all believe in.

I long for a time when friendship and love are important and the best parts of our lives.