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Autumn Gold

To walk upon the autumn gold
And think of dreams you've bought and sold
You enjoy this more as you grow old
And breath the air that's fresh and cold

The geese now sound to take their flight
Traveling by day and resting at night
What a glorious thing, What a wonderful sight
As if they are chasing the sun last light

And the acorns drop without the sound
A meal for a squirrel if it be found
And if it's not eaten new life will abound
For a mighty oak will grow from the ground

While the morning frost on the leaves it gleams
Looks like a million diamond dreams
Of picture rocks and mountain streams
Painted on the sun light beams

And the sunset now shine long and bold
Etched beyond the horizons of stories told
And you enjoy this more as you grow old
Walking upon the autumn gold

Written by BOLT