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To Enable Your Light To Glow,
I wish you...

Serenity to have an understanding heart.

Charity to respect the rights and dignity of others. Knowing that each is a unique individual with qualities of value.

Kindness to speak softly and listen to the thoughts and needs of your fellow humans. Remembering that concealment causes doubt.

Temperance to understand the imperfections of others and the generosity to behold their virtues.

Wisdom to search for truth and to accept any truth gracefully.

Character to master yourself and to have an open mind that is always searching,always learning, always optimistic.

Strength to face the storm and a sense of humor to see you through when things go wrong.

Love to make you content and to provide tenderness and enrichment.

Courage to always strive to achieve your dreams knowing that you are never a failure if you have the courage to try.

Peace and serenity of the inner soul, confidence in your abilities, and strong faith and belief in yourself as an unique and wonderful part of creation.

Work that makes you happy and fulfills your talent and skills.

Cherished friends, fond memories, good thoughts and loved ones to brighten your day.

Spirit to have a sense of wonder, joy and inspiration for life.

Enthusiasm to have a song in your heart, a smile on your face, laughter in your voice and cheer in your thoughts.

Friendships that are warm and fulfilling and where true pleasure is in giving a portion of thyself.

Faith to maintain your dreams and ideals.

Happiness and Health each day, on your journey of life.