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~ Words of Appreciation ~

Without help from my wonderful friends, my pages would never have been possible.

This is the world within the world, friends without faces, but certainly not without hearts. It is the beauty of your hearts,
that is shining here above all.

Thank you to Viet Vet, a very unique friend of mine, who "sparked" the idea of creating my own page.
Vet, the best of luck to you always!

Thank you to Merwyn, my greatest motivator and friend for life, who ended my procrastination by saying gently "Do It!" Merwyn, you are one in the million!

Thank you to my very dear and very special friend Pam, for her never ending supply of gifs and for her beauty within.
Pam, you are a treasure!

Thank you to StoneWolfe, a good friend of mine, who is an absolute Whiz of HTML world and who answered all my questions with unlimited patience.
Stone, don't work too hard!

Thank you to Wolfie, an extraordinary friend, my big supporter, who always was there with an advice, when I called for help.
Wolfie, you are the greatest!

You guys are the best I could ever wish for, you made it possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me

~ Around The World ~

There are many more friends that left their heartprints on my heart. You all are very dear and special to me. I wish you the best! You are always in my prayers.

I have a little garden
Where thoughts grow on a tree.
And some of them are mine of you
And others yours of me.

You're often in that garden,
Although you may not know,
That little garden of my heart is
Where my special friends may go.

~ back to my page ~

...never stop believing in dreaming,
never stop dreaming of believing...