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A Message From Jim

Date: Fri, Sep 29, 2000, 8:07am (PDT+3)

My very dear Aninka - this morning i got up from bed ready to face another problem ready day, with the sounding of horns, the yelling of drivers, the fact that i was going to a job of 28 years that i hated, being alone due to the lost of Gayle (my most wonderful wife) three years ago. Being alone didnt matter, but not seeing her beautiful smile and hearing her angelic voice as she sang while getting things done around the house and her warm lips as she kissed me good-night. Then i turned on the web and a friend of mine in Calif (i am in N.Y.) opened my eyes and mind to your poetry. My days will no longer be alone, my Gayle will be there through your feelings, music and the folks that send you your poems. The real sad part of this is i have never talked or seen my friend in Calif, i wrote this to tell you you are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Jim Mawhinney

Dear Jim, you can never imagine what your message means to me. You made me feel like a winner. I feel very honored and happy, that I was able to help a little. Thank YOU!


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