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~ ICQ ~

With your ICQ contact list open just click on the person's name who you want to send the card to and then choose "Web Page Address" (URL), then click "Send". You can do this whether your contacts are on or off line.

~ E-mail with Netscape ~

Click on "File", then "Send Page". Choose from your address book who you'd like to send the card to and then click "Send".

~ With Internet Explorer ~

Click on "File", then "Send", then choose to send the "Page By Email" or "Link By E-mail". Either way will work.

~ WebTv Users ~

Click the "Send" button (in upper right corner of your keybord), then choose a name from your address book to send the card to.

~ For AOL Usesrs ~

(Adding a Hyperlink to your E-Mail:)

1. Place the web page you want to send in your Favorite Places.

2. Click the "Favorite Places" icon on the Toolbar to see the list of your Favorite Web Pages.

3. Choose the web page that you would
like to add to your E-mail message.

4. Click and drag the little heart icon in your Favorite Places folder into the
Message section of your Compose Mail window.  A blue hyperlink will appear.

TIP You can make a Hyperlink say what you want it to say.  In your mail, highlight the entire hyperlink with your mouse. Next, type a word or phrase that you think accurately describes the link.
Your hyperlink is now personalized!

5. Address your mail, add a Subject, click "Send," and you're done!

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