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My Darling.

These words are written by my heart to you, love of my life, my soulmate,
my life long best friend.

My love, you mean everything to me,
you are my life, you are my world,
you are a part of me, we are one.

If I was the poorest of the poor and did not have anything but your love, it would still make me the richest woman under the sun.

We are together for many wonderful years, yet to me it seems like we met yesterday.
I wish today would never end.

Thank you for making my life Heaven on Earth. I could never express how much
I love you, because there is simply...

Not Enough Words, Not Enough Time

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Falling in love with you
was like discovering
a world filled with
smiles and laughter,
closeness and caring,
long talks and quiet moments.

Being in love with you
is all of that, and more...
it's knowing that all the joy
we've found together
will be a special part
of Every Tomorrow.

All The Love Poems On My Pages
Are Dedicated To My Husband

If I've conquered the world, but one thing did not have, without love I have nothing, nothing at all....